The World

The Salem community reaches out with extravagant love beyond the borders of our city and our country, into the world.

Costa Rica 

"Why go to Costa Rica, or any foreign land, when so many mission opportunities exist in our own backyard?" I've heard that question many times over the last decade as I've co-led international mission trips. Certainly, the gift of Christian service comes in many different forms. By serving and building relationships in Costa Rica, our teams have experienced what it means to be part of a body that extends far beyond the walls of our beautiful Salem and community. A sense of mutuality--the sharing of service together--and the fostering of a long lasting, fruitful relationship between Salem and our Costa Rican teams have been established, allowing communion to take place across borders, cultures and languages. Read the rest of Lisa's story here.

Find information on the next scheduled Costa Rica Mission Trip. Questions: contact the church office at 314-991-0546

The Container Project

Salem donates shoes to The Container Project. This project, headed up by four churches in Columbia, MO, gathers resources needed to help meet basic needs of the 55,000 rural poor served by Rainbow Network. These resources are loaded onto a 40-oot container in Columbia, MO and shipped to Managua, Nicaragua.

The Mozambique Initiative

The Mozambique Initiative is a United Methodist Church fellowship of congregations in Missouri and Mozambique. Churches form partnerships through prayer, communications and, when possible, visits. These partnerships strengthen the church in Mozambique and are the backbone of Missouri's mission and ministry. The covenants have literally saved lives by putting food on the table and building shelter for pastor families. Learn more about The Mozambique Initiative here.

Global Missions

The United Methodist Church uses the funds and resources at its disposal to serve those in need across the globe. Through your contributions here at Salem, you are a part of this global effort. Take a look at the projects taking place on the Global Ministries page for the United Methodist Church.